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Multi Sensorial Experiences Specially Designed to Captivate and Sell.


The point of sale plays a very important role in the life of a brand, because in that place the consumer takes the final purchase decision, generating with this the permanence in the market of some products and at the same time condemning others to be forgotten and to disappear.


The window of opportunity to influence the buyers at the point of sale is very small, and because of this at INNOVA, when we develop any In-Store strategy, we take into account and analyze all the factors involved; The store, the products, the target, the competence, and the purchase path, just to mention the most important ones. Since all these factors influence the psychology, attitude, and decisions of the consumers.


At Innova we create In-Store solutions that are real multisensorial experiences that allow brands to be able to cause the greatest impact possible, capturing the consumer’s attention at the right time to convince and sell.

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