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Multi Sensorial Experiences Specially Designed to Captivate and Sell.


The point of sale plays a crucial role in the success of a brand as it is where consumers make their final purchasing decisions.

This decision-making process can either ensure the market presence and success of certain products or cause others to be forgotten and disappear.

At INNOVA, we understand the limited window of opportunity to influence buyers at the point of sale. That's why we meticulously analyze and consider all the factors involved in developing an effective In-Store strategy.


These factors include the store environment, product placement, target audience, competition, and the consumer's purchasing journey, among others. We recognize that these factors significantly impact consumers' psychology, attitudes, and purchasing decisions.

Innova specializes in creating In-Store solutions that provide immersive and multisensory experiences.

Our aim is to capture the consumer's attention at the right moment and create the greatest impact possible.


By doing so, we empower brands to effectively engage and persuade consumers, ultimately driving sales and success.

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