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At INNOVA we are able to develop Smart, Powerful and Innovative Ideas that manage to change human behavior (thinking, feeling, and acting) to establish positive and long-term relationships between Consumers and Brands.
What we are

INNOVA is a creative and communication agency with more than 26 years of experience building and promoting brands for international companies in the USA, México, and Latin America.

What we do

INNOVA creates Powerful Brands.
Through comprehensive visual communication solutions (online and offline), specifically designed to strengthen the brand’s positioning and increase its sales.

How we do

This is achieved by carefully analyzing the brand’s DNA and by perfectly understanding all the factors involved with its creation, development, launch, and marketing.

At INNOVA, we are aware of the big challenges that brands face in order to grow, compete and transcend in today’s complex markets.

Markets where the average consumer in big cities receive more than 5.000 advertising impacts in just one day.

Due to this big saturation of messages, the consumers have become much more selective and demanding, looking to acquire just those brands with which they truly identify and give an added value to their lives.

Within this high level of competitiveness and saturation, the design plays a fundamental role, as it has up to 58% of influence over the decision to buy a product or service, surpassing advertising and public relations.

In fact, a lot of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a brand with an attractive design that reflects the lifestyle with which they want to be identified.

That is why at INNOVA we are deeply involved with each brand that we attend, to be able to completely identify and understand their DNA, because this is a fundamental element on which we can build a unique image, that will become the key element for the company’s success and one of their most valuable assets.

In the same way, we make sure to perfectly understand our client’s commercial objectives, as well as the consumer’s needs, issues, habits, and desires.

  • Wide experience with more than 26 years attending important international companies in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.

  • Extensive creative and design capacity recognized internationally.

  • Professionalism, absolute quality, and personalized service.

  • Perfect understanding of the language, values, and culture of Hispanic consumers.

  • State of the art technology.

  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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