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We Create Positive Links between Brands and Consumers.


In short, advertising is the art of sharing information in a creative way to achieve a response from the receptor. It doesn’t matter if we are announcing a new product or service, sharing information about prices, informing about new points of sale, or simply remembering and reinforcing the image of a brand, it is all about transmitting the information.


Now, one of the most important differences between the success and failure of a marketing campaign is its creative and design quality.


According to several studies, 58% of the consumers take their decision based on the quality of the design of the marketing materials as well on the design of the packaging or label of the product, because of this, it is of great importance to invest the necessary time and resources in the development of visual materials of great quality that communicate the advertising message in the most creative and attractive way possible.


Through this, companies can really achieve their commercial goals and at the same time establish more direct, measurable, and memorable communication with the consumer.


At Innova we have a wide experience creating and designing all types of advertising materials (offline and online) that build a bond between brands and consumers; Informing, remembering, and persuading the target audience about the advantage of different products and services.


As well, when it comes to buying and managing media, we intelligently analyze consumer behaviors and habits in traditional and digital media to create the ideal media strategy for your target audience, and in this way carry your message in the most efficient and profitable manner.

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